What do artists do all day?-Jack Vettriano

“What do artists do all day?” creates a insight in to what a day in the life of a professional artist is like, displaying from the start of their routine for the day, filming the artist at work as well as cutting back to a interview with the artist in their work space. This is effective as a method of presenting a artist to the audience because of it displays to the audience how artists work in there studios or work spaces, as well as keeping them engaged by not deliberately using specialist art language making it accessible to most audiences other than its intended audience of primarily other artist or those with an interest in art.

Additionally  the show having contrapuntal sound  to the artists feelings or attitude at the time or the work being shown on screen is a well used technique that contributes to the programs overall theme of exploring the artist themselves as well as  the type of work they produce. Furthermore by displaying the artist working on a piece  provides a narrative to the documentary to carry through the program this is effective as the narrative becomes the subject of the documentary inclining the viewer want the artist to succeed in the project presented engaging them in the narrative as well as the documentation side  of the program.

The shorter form run time of twenty minutes compared to the longer  form art documentaries that can be a an hour in length such as ‘shock of the new’ or ‘civilization’ as they can be up to an hour, this is a problem because the the viewer although they would be  possibly put off the documentary by its long run time and older format of presenting the content to the audience.

In conclusion the  program ‘what do artists do all day’ was a good source of research as it provided  a insight in to some of the methods at looking at a artist and how to display how they work on a artwork as well as the process that they go through to make one. This could influence my project as it displayed the observatory nature of documentary I wish to experiment with along with expository documentary elements. On the other hand the shows content handling the artist previous work could of been better as it only shows the work in a cutaway static image using text instead of a voice over or having footage of the work its self.Overall the research material was effective as it allowed me to see what the medium had already produced on the subject of artists and  how to be effective presenting as well as engaing an audience in the content.


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