List of questions for the artist

These are the possible  questions that will be asked to the artist when interviewing them for the primary research and part of the production of the  final outcome of the project. The questions are designed to non artist specific therefore can be applied to any artist i use as well as having a good number of questions allowing for slight variations of the same style of interview to be given  to multiple artists over the project.

  • can only the last question to those artists commissioned for the festival of making.


Where do you go to produce your work ? eg home,studio or where ever it requires?

What led to becoming an artisrt and how has it influence you ?

How do you prepare for a session of working on art piece?

Is there a certain time of day you put away you put to work on a piece?

What is the current project you are working on at the moment ?

Who would you suggest are your influences?

What kind of medium do you use for your art and how is it reflective of the work its self?

*how are the materials provided by the company your assigned to influenced your piece for the festival of making?




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