Interview with Jamie Holman

This interview  will form the base for the FMP video as the answers given will used against cutaways that be of the different stages of the art piece he is creating for the festival of making as well as standard cutaways to the artists work space. The interview was conducted in a professional manner with few parts of the interview needed to be filmed again. The artist worked the questions in to the answers he provided therefore giving them contextual starting points in reason the subject matter.  This has allowed  me to remove the need for my own voice to be in the video, in addition to be able to  be inserted in the video at various points  using the cutaways and his answers to propel the narrative of the video without the problem of having a omnipotent  narrator to tell the viewer what is happening.

The interview space was originally the fine art staff room although the mis en scene created the look as if it was his studio space by placing the materials that he is working with in the background such as the tissue rolls and the book of roach bridge’s history.This was effective as it portrayed to the viewer that it was filmed in a studio as well as covering a unsightly radiator that would of been in the background of the shot that would of detracted from the overall quality of the interview as it clashed with the rest of the mis en scene,in addition the use of a tight mid shot also added to the effect that this was in the artists studio.

production photo jamie 2

The shot once in premier as planned out it is  framed only the materials are in the shot  giving the impression that the artist is in their studio, with the use of the mid shot being used effectively to the viewers main attention to the artist themselves while having enough  looking room  in the shot so the artist is not looking directly at the camera.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.37.28

The audio of the piece was loud and clear this was achieved by full sound checks and having the microphone applied correctly as well as at a making sure the subject dd ot ruffle their clothes once the shooting had begin change outfits or move the position of the microphone during recording. The microphone  used in the interview was a Sony ECM55B a clip on microphone oppose to a boom microphone where I would have to be mindful of having the microphone picking up external sound from the rooms around the staff room.

A disadvantage of the timing of the interview was that a essential part of the artist’s work had not been created of the interview this being choir lyrics printed on to tissue paper,  therefore could not be filmed although this is planned to  be filmed later in the project as it will provide cutaways for the video that will be useful because it would allow the viewers to see. This is as the piece would influence the work in a large way because of how it would synchronize when seen in conjunction with the rest of the artist’s work for the festival.

In conclusion the interview went well as enough footage was taken as well as the artist providing excellent  answers for the questions presented to them, furthermore dressing the background of the room to look like a studio worked  well as it made the shoot look more professional and elevate it from a standard interview scene. In addition the footage is well paced and able to be edited together in a swift and naturally flowing video.On the other hand the interview could of gone better by asking more varied questions to the artist as well as getting a few more cutaway takes of the room used although this was limited by the rest of the space being a staff room itself. Finally i belive this project to be a successs as what i set out to do was accmplished with little to no problems or delay.



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