Filming the choir (church) session

This went moderately successful as when filming the choir it was difficult to maintain a direct shot of of the whole choir as the position that was available was at the back of the choir, although this gave me the opportunity to film individuals among the choir giving it a more intimate view of the choir.This was effective because the raw  emotions of the people throughout the choir were on display while in song as well as being able to film the conductor of the choir in action directing the different sections.The footage will be used  when the artist talks about collaborating with others to create his pieces of work and how he is using the choir within his piece of work.

A aspect of the shoot that could of been improve would of been if handled the camera a lot steadier as some shots are too shaky or unfocused to be used in the film, this is as to capture constant audio that could still be used in other shots or as opening and closing music. The benefit to this is additional music will not have to be created  to a secondary source of music found,on the other hand using the choir as the opening and closing for the video may prove to difficult as the conductor of the choirs can be often her during the recordings. To solve this problem I will only use pieces where the choir is in full chorus and if the conductor’s voice is heard adobe audition will be used to isolate his voice in the audio and remove it without damaging the rest of the piece.

Overall the usefulness to the project of the footage make a success as it is invaluable as the cutaways make it possible transition from question to question with out jump cuts being a problem as well as  providing context for the answers the artist gives. on the other hand with some of the footage being mostly unusable due to its lower quality of work the shoot could of gone better.This may of been because of lack of planning for the location. Although the shoot had its disadvantages it went moderately successful and if done again I would experiment with my camera placement to get better angles of the choir furthermore I would of also planned for the positioning of the choir the shots taken would of been clearer  and have fewer wild camera movements to capture footage of the part of the choir that is singing at the current time.






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