RTS masterclass Jeff Pope (writer/producer)

The master class with Jeff pope focused on how to dramatize existing events and turn them in to stories as well as to create a protagonist in a dark or morally grey scenario that is not necessarily the focus of the scenario its self, a example of this that was brought up was his series ‘Appropriate adult’ where although the event is happening to Frank West  the role of the protagonist is of Janet leach the appropriate adult assigned to the murderer due to his low IQ level. This presents a alternate look at the narrative for the viewer from a perspective that they would not expect as a pose to  a direct retelling of the events that happened.

He also talked about how when dealing with the stories of actual people that have family still alive or are still alive themselves it can prove difficult as some people as such as the real Mrs Briggs did not want parts of their life being dramatized as to the person thought they were too private.This can be a problem because of as with important scenes to the narrative unable to be used it will hamper the project as a alternative would have to worked out or the scene removed entirely. on the other hand working with the people themselves can be advantageous as you can have a first hand account of  events that can be used for the drama providing additional details a scene giving it a much greater effect due to this input.

Finally he explored the notion of writing for a specific actor or actress in mind and how leaving it open can allow you to create a more malleable persona for the persona to take hold of when they play that role such as with Dominic West as  Frank West (no relation) in Appropriate Adult.Alternatively writing with specific actor in mind can help centralize a role and have it play to their  strengths as a performer  as with when writing the series Cilla  Sheridan Smith was chosen to play Cilla early on due to her ability to portray her at different stages her life well using her mannerisms and body language as well as her ability to sing. The disadvantage of this method of writing is this that if the actor refuses or is not available the role if no back up actor is thought of at the time then the production could fall apart due to not having a actor for a pivotal role.

Overall the master class provided a perspective on the dramatization of actual  event and its possible problems and how to to solve them or work around them  as well as how to build and amplify characteristics of existing people.In addition as specializing into editing it is good to have a knowledge of the process of writing because it allows for scenes to be planned for  editing process as well as what may not work or will be difficult to convey to the viewer. In conclusion  the master class was a useful experience to my career development and gaining a insight in to the industry




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