Filming choir recording session

Filming the choir’s recording session was useful as it  allowed me to capture footage of them practicing the song ‘Blackburn to the fore’ for the festival of making performance providing me with several shots available to use of them singing this giving me options for transition shots between the interview with Jamie.In addition the audio of the choir can be used separately  as the opening and closing tracks for the piece its self as well therefore  eliminating the need to find royalty free music off the internet this also is significant because the use of this allows the music to be relevant to what is being shown on screen. Furthermore due the choir only practicing the song different pitched versions of it were captured as they practiced the song with each part of the choir individually.

A disadvantage of filming the choir was that the recording equipment used for the recording the audio interfered with the shots taken with them being in the way of the camera,although this at times produced stodgy footage it did not hinder the filming greatly as the choir was largely  spread out   in the studio therefore with nimble camera work I avoided including the equipment in the shots of the choir. The other disadvantage of filming the choir while in the recording session was due to the size of the choir and the size of the TV studio camera positions were limited to the edges of the room  only allowing me able to capture parts of the choir at the time with slow pans. Although these are effective a full wide shot of the whole choir would possibly improved it because it would of allowed a establishing shot for the video that presents the choir as one entity instead of individuals.

Overall filming with the choir during their recording  was a success as the session provided me with the optimal environment  to film as it was a space with controlled lighting, a number of potential shot to be obtained from the positions available to me such as close ups of different members of the choir.In addition shots of  the conductor although these may not make into the edit  because of the conductor’s close ups are unfocused due to him moving around. My effectiveness as a camera operator was challenged in this session of filming the choir. I believe I performed the role adequately as the camera work was intelligently done, on the other hand my technique still could be improved as some of the shots taken were lackluster and if the skill is worked on it will be come fruitful as knowledge of camera work is important if I wish to specialize in the field of editing .In conclusion the shoot went well and will be a boon to me when editing the overall film project as well as providing me a opportunity to improve my on site practical skills.




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