4th May filming at prism gallery

The filming at the prism  gallery was  a resounding success as the material taken from the shot will dynamically help shape the film because of its wealth of new footage taken that was produced to high quality of work. The footage consists of static and panning shots of the space as well as the art work in addition to the artist talking about the work as they stand next to it allowing the viewer to better understand the meaning behind the art pieces.

The most engaging footage that was filmed was the artist talking about his pieces while next to them, this is because the viewer is able to both visualize the piece and have the reasoning behind the artwork explained to them in a viewer friendly language without the impression that he is talking down to the audience,this is done by the height of the camera being level with the artist when they are talking to the viewer as seen in ‘The shock of the new’ . The advantage of this is that the audience will less likely to be aliened by the subject of the video as they are being talked to an a equal level even if they not from a art background. Although the shots were lacking proper focus as due to using the internal microphone of the camera  the sound quality is a lower standard than of the interview that was done using the clip on microphone, this is problematic as in the editing process this will have to compensated for by changing the audio levels of the recording r filtering out the background noise of the shoot taking up more time of the process.

The use of panning shots to display the exhibition space to the viewer in a intelligent way as they show how the  art work  is presented in the space as well as  the details of each individual piece. The nimble use of my camera work allowed these shots to be smooth and continuous as well as being carefully thought about for the placement in the film as a whole such as for use when need to cover jump cuts in the sections where Jamie is speaking to the camera and cuts are need for when the clips have been cut down for time saving purposes or scenes where although the choirs audio was usable the video of them was not. On the other hand the shots were predicable because style of documentary that the film will be . In addition to a workman like approach to the filming  session  preventing the idea of experimenting with shots or alternate camera angles show the space in ad different way than would of been expected,

Overall the the final filming session of the project went well  because of   focused and effective footage taken  that will serve to be useful in the editing process as well as extend the films content about the work as well as the artist’s passion for it.This is interesting for the audience as from this a character is build about the artist is build for them on a human level allowing them to relate to them more a significant shot for this is when he is setting up the exhibition space himself as well as taking command of how it is set up. On the other hand the session could of been improved with more planning of what shots and sequences needed to be filmed such as the scenes where the artist is talking about his work questions or prompts for the artist could of been prepared and allowed them to give a more tailored and tighter explanation of the pieces on display. In conclusion  although workman like and at times lackluster performance, the usefulness of the shoot was vital for the success of the overall project and provided some intelligent work that  could be used in the editing process to  make a effective film.



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