work plan

Name____Joshua Clark________________________      Candidate Number_______________62299_________________

Project Action Plan and Timetable


Date Week



Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it – including access to workshops




30/1/17 Introduction to Unit 7 – lecture

Pre proposal preparation

Pitch preparation

Review of work to date

  13/2/17 Half Term – initial research

Preparation of pitch

  20/2/17 Pitch

Write proposal

  27/2/17 Submit proposal


  6/3/17 2nd draft of the proposal written  after tutorial with tutor


  13/3/17 Research on art documenties and content about arts is perfomed


Art books, internet
  20/3/17 Plans for test production of ‘day in the life of artist ‘ (working title) are made and completed.

If possible filmed too


Camera equipment -cannon XA10
  27/3/17 28/3/17 – interview artist Jamie Holman using questions created. Edit the interview

Write interview up and proceed with planning/pre-production


Cannon XA10

Clip on microphone

  3/4/17 Continue with production and plan filming with Jamie at prism Gallery


  10/4/17 Easter Holiday


Film prism gallery sequence


Cannon XA10


Easter Holiday  



Edit prism gallery sequence Edit suite



Final edit of film finished

Work on blog

Edit suite






Deadline FMP








Hang Exhibition ( prep studio)




Hang Exhibition

Submit  blog link, submission pack ( including authentication form, work plan, proposal, evaluation and biobliography)

  29/5/17 Spring Bank Holiday


  5/6/17 Assessment Unit 7


  12/6/17 Assessment Unit 7


  19/6/17 Exhibition Private View 21/6/17





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