The shock of the new

The shock of the new’s presentation to its viewers though at the time was different and new to the way art documentaries were created due to them being elitist and unwelcoming for those new to the art world as well as being  statically  shot  becoming uninteresting for the  viewer to watch. The shock of the new changed this as it simplified the language used as well as focusing on more contemporary art pieces, explaining them to the viewer in a informative but also engaging way as well as having a more reliable presenter when compared to previous art

The method of  displaying the art work to the viewer changed as at times the presenter would be on location to the art work as well as simply having it shown on screen, both of these were effective at conveying the audience a message about the art work .An example of this is below with the presenter standing in front of a piece of artwork and explaining what the meaning of the piece is.shock of the new 1 Furthermore  how it is relevant to the rest the of the art work about to be shown to give the viewer context to the next portion of the show,this also allowed for archive footage to be used effectively  to expand on a point made by the narrator.


wright bros.png

To immerse the viewer in the time of creation the art shock of the new uses archive footage from the era this also helps build further context for the art pieces and how the events that were happening at the time affected them. This is effective as it makes the content viewer friendly answering questions that may occur to those not informed of the influences in the era of the art works creation .

The method of displaying the artwork to the viewer through out the program this accompanied by the narrators voice it is well used as it displays the art work to the viewer as well as having the artist informed about the art work.

art work display


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