what artists do all day screen shots

jack vettino 1

The close up position of the camera creates a  close link between the viewer and the artist being interviewed giving the viewer incentive to want the artist to succeed in the project shown in the program engaging the viewers attention. In addition the close up gives a strong introduction to the artist’s overall character.

studio intro.png

The shots of the studio in its natural state and unclean provide a insight in to the artists working process by displaying to the viewers it furthers the connection to artist with the viewer as well as giving them a reason to identify with the artist as it may mirror their own room or studio space.

jack painting

The purpose of displaying this is to show the artists most famous work with the narrator informing the viewer of the piece and its significance in contrast to this the artist giving their honest opinions on the art work. This is engaging to the viewer as it provides differentiating opinions both critical and self criticism on the piece.

jack work#].png


Showing the artist at work outside at work outside the studio give the viewer a better overall idea of what goes in to creating a piece a work other than the final piece. The usefulness of this sequence is invaluable because it portrays the artist in a interesting  way to the audience and cements them as the protagonist of the show.Furthermore it adds depth to the character of the artist as they go about their day  with the film crew as well as showing the artist as  part of a working circle instead of a isolated figure.



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